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Private Lessons

Felipe el aleman

Private Tango Lessons with Felipe el aleman

520 Hartman Dr SW  (my home)
Albuquerque, New Mexico  87121
509 389 4154

Milonguero / Salon dance for the social dance floor

Available by appointment    9 am - 9 pm

$20 per hour per person
$30 per hour per couple
special rates for multiple classes

Tango Biography

My name is Philip Mark Lechtenberg, age 64.   My friends call me Felipe el aleman and I answer both to Felipe or el aleman.   I have been providing private lessons for five years.

Tango found me in Spokane in 2007.   I was smitten quickly with the romance of the dance and the beautiful music.    And I found tango is much more than a dance with its rich history and codegas.

After attending many tango festivals and taking many of the group lessons I found myself improving my dance.   It was not until I started taking private lessons did my dance begin to flower bringing much more enjoyment to me and to those who danced with me.     

Later I became  a DJ and also hosted milongas in my home frequently in Liberty Lake, WA outside of Spokane.   I also started a tango website, IN-Tango in 2010.   And I have self-published a book in 2015  "Tango Lyrics Translations Vol I by Felipe el aleman".

I always told myself I would not teach, though I must admit the urge has always been there.  I am now in my ninth year of tango and I know I will always continue to learn this dance for it is a journey like no other.   I have been fortunate to take lessons with many wonderful teachers.  I understand the value of connection with the floor and the embrace with my partner.    I find that these connections along with posture, axis, the sensitivities of the movement by our bodies are all overwhelmingly more important than learning all the steps in the world. 

Steps are fun to learn and help make the dance interesting and beautiful, but one first must understand how to walk, connecting to the floor and with one's partner.   What happens between the steps is so very important and will make your dance beautiful.    

In November I moved to Albuquerque to be near my son and his wife and my grandson of 2 years.    I dance frequently in Albuquerque and in Santa Fe.   So if you see me and like my dance, you may approach me for private lessons if you wish.      

My Teachers

Gustavo Benzecry Saba y Maria Olivera, BA

Felipe Martinez,  San Francisco / Spain
Monica Paz,  Buenos Aires
Juan Manuel, Buenos Aires
Giovanni Garcia,  Buenos Aires / Bogota'
Alicia Pons,  Buenos Aires
Richard Council, Boyton Beach, FL
Alex Krebs, Portland, OR
Liz Haight, Santa Fe, NM
Aurora Lubiz y Luciano Bastos, Buenos Aires
Christopher and Caroline,  San Francisco, CA
Brigitta Winkler, Berlin / New York
Murat Erdemsel and Michelle
Diego Benavidez y Natasha Agudelo, Bogota', Colombia
Hernan Prieto y Daniela Roig,  Buenos Aires/Chicago
Jorge Nel Giraldo y Sandra Milena Buitrago,  Manizales, CO

Tango Festivals Attended

Albuquerque Tango Festival   Nov 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Albuquerque 4th of July Milongathon   2016
Ashland Tango Festival   Nov 2011
Austin YOLA Tango Festival  Sept 2015
Denver Labor Day Tango Fest  Sept 2011, 13, 14
Burning Tango, Mcleod, CA   June 2015
Missoula, MT   2013, 2014, 2015
Nelson, British Columbia  2014, 2015
New Orleans, NOLA Tango Fest  2014, 2015
Port Townsend Tango Festival  2011, 2012
Port Townsend Encuentro  2015
Portland Tango Festival 2010, 11, 12, 13, 15
Portland Valentango  '10,  11, 12, 13, 14, 15
San Francisco - USA Tango Champ  March 2013
San Francisco Milonguero 2016 in Berkeley  June 2016
Seattle Tango Magic   2009 and 2015
San Diego Tango Festival   Dec 2013 and 2015
Spokane Tango Workshops 2009, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Toronto Tango Festival - Jan 2013
Tucson Tango Festival - March 2011, 14, 15, 16

Countries danced In

Bogota', Colombia   2010 (1 month),  2012 (1 month)

Buenos Aires, Argentina  2008 and 2010 (3 months)
Istanbul, Turkey   2013 (2 months)
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  2013
Toronto, Canada  2013 festivals
Vancouver, Canada  2011 y 2013 festivals