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Tango Shoes / Clothing & Music & Video Instruction

Tango Shoes and Clothing

Shoes can be ordered on-line 

www.veryfineshoes.com     * a nice man's shoes
* click on very fine classic, men's latin, style 2302 five eyes

Women's dresses and clothing

html   *

Tango Music

Let's Chat About Tango Music
What kind of music should you be listening to ?   It depends .....some may be for listening and some may be for dancing !

Tango is one of the richest genres in music history.  The dance and music evolved from houses of dubious reputation at the end of the 19th century to the high society salons in the 1940's and concert halls in the 1970's.    Most will say that the best tango music for social dancing was recorded in the 20's, 30's and 40's, the so-called Golden Age of tango. 

There were many great orchestras during the Golden Age, and some are:  Carlos di Sarli, Miguel Calo', Lucio de Mare, Osvaldo Fresedo, Anibal Troilo, Francisco Canaro, Juan d'Arienzo, Angel D'Agostino, Rodolfo Biagi, Osvaldo Pulgiese and Ricardo Tanturi. Some of these orchestras were accompanied by singers that sometimes became more famous than the orchestra itself.  A few were Alberto Marino, Jorge Ortiz, Roberto Ray, Raul Beron, Angel Vargas and Carlos Gardel, undoubtedly the best tango singer ever.

Great tango music continues to be composed and some meant for performance tango and some for social dancing and some for listening.      

Please to check out www.todotango.com   Click on English if you prefer English.   In the Search bar, enter any Tango Artist and read a biography.   Examples are Carlos Di Sarli, Carlos Gardel.

There are many places to order music, including:
www.tangostore.com   (ZIVALS in BsAs)
www.todotango.com   (click on English)

Tango Videos / Lessons

Where do I find Tango dance lessons on video ?    There are many places on-line that offer great lessons that you can replay over and over and over.   

These are some of those places on-line.
www.corazondetango.com Claire and Dario DaSilva
www.tangoargentino.ca Oscar and MaryAnne Casas
google and "you tube"   Gustavo and Maria Milonga and Volcados