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Tango Webs

Favorite Tango Dance Lesson Websites

www.tangoargentino.com, has 140 lessons by Oscar.   Oscar is from Argentina.   He is married to Mary Anne of Canada.   The website is Canadian, thus the .ca.   Once you have opened the web page, near the middle top, click on "More Videos and Classes" (the fifth item over in the blue letters).  Then, on the next page, click on "Classes Videos - Click  Here" There are 140 tango lessons on this website.   Some are in Spanish, however still easy to follow.    Once again each lesson will be on u-tube and you may scroll back and forth.

 www.tangoargentino.ca  Oscar & Mary Anne Casas

Favorite Tango Websites

The following Web Sites are favorites of  IN-TANGO.com.    These websites are wonderful resource for events, festivals and thoughts on Argentine Tango and have even more links to lessons, videos and music.    

 http://allbellinghamtango.com Bellingham, WA                                                                  
www.tangosalon.com.ar Gustavo y Maria - Buenos Aires

www.portlandtango.comPortland, Oregon
www.tangoberretin.comPortland, Oregon
www.claysdancestudio.comPortland, Oregon
www.tangopt.comPort Townsend, WA
www.tangohelena.comHelena, MT

www.allseattletango.comSeattle, WA
www.seattletangomagic.comSeattle, WA
www.wasatchtango.orgSalt Lake City, UT
www.tango.org Denver, CO
www.sftango.comSan Francisco, CA